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Getting started doesn't have to be complicated, but before you start creating accounts and thinking about your first post, here are some tips to consider.
Start with a plan - Even though these tools are free to use, the amount of time and effort that will be put into your social media will be an investment into your business. Having a clear plan with achievable goals will help you make sure your efforts on social media support and work hand in hand with your business goals.
Do the Research - One way to quickly catch up with your competitors is to look at what they are doing, while you don't want to copy them directly, you certainly can get inspiration as to how they present themselves and what content they post.
Preparation - Create a schedule to help manage your time, pick days and times when you are going to post and what you're going to post to communicate with your followers.
80-20 Rule - Use 80% of your content to educate, inform and entertain your audience. The 20% to promote yourself or to sell your services / products.
Imagery - Consider how you are going to present yourself on Social Media, profile pictures, banners and avatars inline with your current branding.
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How to Set Up A Facebook Business Page

Images say 1000 words

Choosing the right images.

One of the most common mistakes made when people set up social media for businesses is using the correct sized images for profile pictures and cover photos / banners.
It may come across as a small lesser important detail, but can have a big impact on how your business is perceived before any posts, products or services are even seen.
One thing to consider is if you're not using the correct size images, your competitors will be!
UKTO has the complete guide to help you get the perfect size for your social media profiles to help you get started.

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