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How to approach reviews

In this tutorial, Yvonne Halling - Bed and Breakfast Coach, explains how guest reviews start formulating before someone even books and how first impressions count online. Primarily, guests now find accommodation on the internet, through social media recommendations, reviews and websites. Everything you do and say online is a reflection of your brand and the tone of your online presence counts as social collateral towards potential guests.
Yvonne explains that it is important ask questions such as: Do you know what people will find online about your business through forums such as Facebook, Google or Trip Advisor reviews? Do you consider how you interact on social media? Is your message clear on who you want to welcome and why they would choose you? Do you look and sound authentic? Can links to your website be easily found from social media?
There are helpful tips on other ways to ensure those all-important good reviews, for example, through pre-arrival communication and reminders for guests to leave a review on departure. Yvonne explains that both good and not-so-good reviews need to be responded to, and the reviewer thanked. For less favourable reviews, take the time to respond in a considered manner. Remember anyone online can potentially see your comments!
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How To Approach Reviews

Prefer to read not watch? No problem! Download the PDF guide using the link below.