Exceeding your guest expectations for high-quality customer service.

There are many things that can be done to encourage potential guests to book direct with your accommodation business and to generate more new bookings overall. For example, appealing to the ‘right’ type of guests (for example, those interested in outdoors pursuits, family-friendly or luxury facilities), identifying your unique selling points and using them, establishing new and building on existing guest relationships, learning new and effective ways to communicate online and through face-to-face or telephone interaction, establishing your company brand and also dealing with guest reviews effectively. The Hub covers a range of topics to help you to get started on addressing these areas. All of these can take time, but with expert advice and know-how, they needn’t be daunting tasks at all. Once in place, you should find that not only are you generating increased direct bookings and subsequent revenue, you should also have increased free time and thoroughly enjoy customer engagement, so that guests know that you care as much about their holiday as they do!
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